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We believe that quality childcare is An important component of prosperous families and societies and also hold the firm belief that with a strong support system, mothers can thrive as working professionals or business owners whilst nurturing their families.

Who we are

MumsWhoCode is a platform designed to support mothers, particularly in Africa, who are interested in learning or upskilling in tech careers. We offer uniquely tailored programs and a virtual learning community focused on collaboration and building tech skills. Read more

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Connect with women who share a common purpose, grow your network and collaborate.

Don't get burdened by information overload; gain access to curated learning content relevant to your professional development and/or business growth.

A major hurdle for some women is a lack of confidence and the right skill set to break into tech. You do not have to worry about how or where to get started as you can request personalized help to help you get started or accelerate your progress.

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Our Impact

In May 2021, we launched an initiative to provide free digital and tech skills training to women who desire to acquire fresh knowledge in areas like. This training is primarily focused on mothers across Africa. With the support of over 30 facilitators and 6 partnering organizations we have recorded massive stories of transformation.

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Our supporters are made up of donor organizations providing cash grants and product licenses. Also, community partners with which we continue to support the growth of the tech ecosystem in Africa through programs targeted at women in tech and those aspiring to transition to tech.



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