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Over the last 3years, 3000+ women including mums from 18 African countries have joined us and gained knowledge across different tech fields.

Globally, women are highly underrepresented in the tech industry, only making up about 30% of the entire tech workforce in Africa. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that as women begin to raise families, investing in their professional skills ad careers decline.

While raising family is a beautiful gift, we also believe that the future employment landscape will thrive with the inclusion of women, especially mothers.

At MumsWhoCode, we are committed to preparing women for this moment by providing high quality learning opportunities and career support in tech so no one is left behind.


our mission

MumsWhoCode exists to facilitate the entry, retention and career advancement of women especially mothers in the tech landscape by providing free and paid learning programs as well as personalized toolkit  forwomen skills and professional development.

Our Story

With an extensive background as a digital technology specialist experienced in systems analysis, web administration, multimedia and digital marketing; Aghama embarked on a journey to develop skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for front-end web development during the lockdown in 2020.

This quest gave birth to a virtual community in September 2020; a response to not finding a localized virtual community for aspiring coding moms.

Leveraging her decade-long experience in edtech infrastructure management andoperations at Bells University of Technology and a global network, Aghama launched a free tech skills development initiative - Digital Women Bootcamp in May 2021 with a grant sum of 500,000 naira by Tech Impact Club Africa.

Blessed with the gift of amazing individuals - all certified specialists and recognized experts in their chosen fields such as Data Science, Data Analysis, Cloud Computing, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Product Design and Digital Marketing, we have successfully trained and graduated over 360 women including moms from six (6) Cohorts of Digital Women Bootcamp for free.

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Corporate Donors
Aghama Moriah Jesurobo
Founder & Programs Lead

Our values


we promote a safe and inclusive space for women to thrive


we are dedicated to the achievement of decent work for women


we continue to champion accountability, a key ingredient for growth


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Education is the greatest weapon with which we can change the world.
- Nelson Mandela
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